Cape Cod Rainy Day Vacation Guide


What to do on Cape Cod
when it isn't a "Beach Day."

This Cape Cod rainy day guide was created to answer the often heard question:
"What do you want to do now?"

Cape Cod is a peninsula sticking out into the sea in eastern Massachusetts. The Cape's beautiful beaches make it a favorite summer spot for many people. However, on a Cape Cod rainy day, many visitors and residents with guests, are hard pressed to find activities to satisfy their various tastes. This guide covers rainy day activities in the 15 towns of Cape Cod and all of the "villages" located within those town limits. It is fully indexed so you can jump around from town to town. It is not necessary to view this guide in the order it is presented.

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If you are not familiar with Cape Cod, or haven't been here for visit for awhile,
be sure to read our Introduction as well as our Overview page
which will help you get your bearings.

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Choosing Cape Cod as a vacation destination is a great decision. You must, however, now determine what part of the Cape to visit and where to stay. Henry David Thoreau called it the "bent and twisted arm of Massachusetts." Our 65 miles have distinct "parts" of that arm, each with its own special features: The Upper Cape (closest to the bridges), the Mid-Cape and the Lower or Outer Cape. Even though, technically, the Lower Cape is farther North than the Upper Cape, it is easy to remember the terms if you think of Cape Cod as your arm raised over your head. Your lower arm may be higher than your upper arm but you can still remember the difference.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people are trying to divide Cape Cod into four sections: Upper, Mid,
Lower and Outer. If you hear these distinctions, the Lower Cape is then meant to refer to the
"elbow" region of the Cape (the towns in the vicinity of Chatham), while the Outer Cape
refers to the forearm, wrist and hand. To most people, however, the terms "Lower" and
"Outer" Cape are synonymous.

The Upper Cape was settled first (if you don't count the Pilgrims'
pre-Plymouth landing in Provincetown, circa 1620).

The Mid-Cape is the most populated part of the Cape. It also offers the most
"things to do on in the area." The municipality of Hyannis is located there.

The Lower Cape is the most remote and least populated part of the Cape.
It is also the narrowest and is surrounded by water.

Cape Cod Rainy Day Vacation Guide

Whatever part of Cape Cod you do choose to visit, there is a chance that inclement
weather (read "Rainy Day") may interrupt your seaside activities. This guide was
put together for that day. I hope it helps.

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